French week

An annual FRENCH PRESENCE IN KZN programme runs in the week the closest to the 1 June – the date on which the Prince Imperial lost his life in an ambush in the closing stages of the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879. The FRENCH week ends at the Prince Imperial monument and during the commemorative ceremonies wreathes are laid at the Prince’s monument and at the tombs of the two soldiers killed with him. The Zulu guide, also killed at the same time, some 500 metres away, does not have a memorial, as yet. The Zululand soil bears his memory.


La Route du Prince Impérial, Louis Napoléon

26th Anniversary Commemorations

50th Anniversary of the Alliance Française, Pietermaritzburg

102nd Anniversary of the death of the Empress Eugénie (5 May 1826 – 12 July 1920)

143rd Anniversary of the Anglo-Zulu War

123rd Anniversary of the Anglo-Boer War

103 years signing of the Peace Treaty of Versailles to end First World War

83 years since the start of the Second World War

Alliance Française, PMB & French Presence in KwaZulu-Natal

29th Anniversary Celebrations

A Cultural Tourism Research Development Project For Communities’ Benefit

4th Anniversary Invitation
Benefits to rural & urban communities from “The French Presence in PMB and KZN:
French Week Program 2022